Learn how to offer School Classes An Emotional and Anti-Bullying 

Program using Hand Reflex therapy as a tool!

Special Emotional and Anti-Bullying Program for children and Teenagers from 5 to 18 years old.

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Course Content

What Will You Learn In This Course?

  • Introduction manual
  • Teaching material for children 5-10 years old
  • Children's material/5-10 years old
  • Material for Teenagers 5-18 years old
  • Children's material/12-18 years old
  • Video of manual instructions for children 12-18 years old
  • Exam

Now take action and learn how to help children change their action and develop their social- and emotional skills!

We support your goals

Be better equipped professionally making your intentions of helping people with reflexology a reality! With this tool, you will help your clients to excellent results with their health issues.

Apply for this course and turn your personal experiences into an incredible add-on to your career.

How To Help?

By learning students Friendly Touch releasing anti- stress hormones it is possible to change the children's action and develop their social- and emotional skills.

It is already proved that when children learn Friendly Touch the aggressive and violent behavior will change and sympathy, caring and gratitude will be a daily routine.

This special program of the Hand Reflex stimulation is a guiding student in schools and clubs to understand how Friendly Touches can change negative habits into positive.

It is about learning children how to stimulate the hands of their classmates, and how to teach each other about breath, body, feelings and the surrounding.  

With Hand Reflex stimulation, you can also help students to pay attention to themselves. It is possible to use the Hand Reflex stimulation on oneself and in this way help student develop their own social- and emotional skills.

The Hand reflex therapy program is a 4-step program easy for children to learn, for the first time guided by a professional in Reflex Therapy Emotional and Anti-Bullying Program.

The stimulation takes about 20 minutes once the children they did learn. (means 40 minutes for 2 children working with each other and changing)
The aim is to make the hand stimulation into a weekly exercise routine together with the class teacher– only once a week is enough.

Can also be used more times a week if the school find it necessary.

You as professional in Reflex therapy will work as the guiding and consulting service

Some Schools even will like you to provide the service of the 40. min. exercise for each group in the school every week.

It is easy with the Emotional and Anti-Bullying Program to teach big groups at the same time.

We recommend making groups of the same ages together.
This course offers YOU the tools to a new world as a professional in Reflex therapy.

If you like to work with children and teens, this is the course for you.
Just go ahead. Many schools and clubs - even kindergartens will love your offer.

Of course, you can also use the method of Hand Reflex Therapy Emotional and  Anti-Bullying Program for children and teens treating in your own clinic or provide the program for parents/caregiver to stimulate at home.

Do you want to help children change their aggressive and violent behavior to stop bullying?

The issue of bullying in schools has always been the focus of attention in the public and science in recent years. Violence and exclusion at school are serious social problems.

Dan Olweus, who began his research activity in Norway in the 1970s, first showed scientific interest in complex topics. His definition of school bullying as repeated negative actions over a longer period of time is still valid today. These negative actions can be carried out by a single person or group and can be done directly (i.e., physically or verbally) or indirectly (i.e., socially).

A large-scale study in 40 different countries, Craig et al. (2009) concluded that about 13% of the schoolchildren surveyed were victims, 11% were offender as well as 4% were affected by bullying.

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Please note: The Videos are purely visual, without audio explanation. You watch the treatments while reading up on the details in the manual.

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