Neuroscience and Reflexology

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Method Lone Sorensen

is a well-known therapeutic modality in complementary therapy for illnesses of a physical and mental nature.

Lone Sorensen's methods are used in rehabilitation and as a parent's home training method for brain-related dysfunctions.

Here you can learn about how Neuro reflexology also can have a beneficial effect in achieving results in mental development.

This method is a fantastic tool that works alone but is also a perfect combination with traditional reflexology, and bodywork of all kinds.

A method that is also an excellent tool for combination with psychotherapy and health and wellness coaching.


More information about the Neuroscience method:

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More information about the full education of the Facial Reflexology method:

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No prior knowledge needed

Part 1:

Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Neuro Reflexology.
Discover how to stimulate neurons to work together to create the optimal networks inside the brain.

How to guide the brain to master

  • To take control over the mind
  • To strengthen planning
  • Better attention
  • To take a decision
  • To control own behavior

Part 2:

Re-organize the Mind with Neuro Reflexology.
Help the brain to change by working with the physical posture and muscles of the body and transform dissatisfaction to happiness.

Turn negative thinking into positive.

  • strength the mind
  • obtain personal goals
  • boosting motivation
  • self-confidence

Part 3:

Strength the Mind and Body connection with Neuro-Reflexology.
The brain, the peripheral CNS, the endocrine and immune systems together with the organs of the body share a common chemical language.

All the systems are constantly communicating with one another.
It is possible to obtain an optimal function and harmony in all systems with Neuro Reflexology!

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