Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy Praxis Vertebralis

By Lone Sorensen

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Do you want to learn how to adjust imbalances from the spine area on the feet?

Learn the most effective method for all kind of pains and dysfunctions from the spine area on the feet

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Neuro Reflex Therapy Praxis Vertebralis 16 CE Hours Online Course

Course Overview

Neuro foot Reflex Therapy Praxis vertebralis is a method developed by Lone Sorensen that focuses on the relationship between bodily structure (primarily the spine) and body function. The professionals make adjustments to correct structural alignment problems to assist in healing the body.  

The fundaments of the Praxis Vertebralis are found in old medicine. This praxis is one of the most antique known medicines. Neuro foot Reflexology can be called and it is defined as a reflex technique, based in the neuro-biochemical action produced when stimulating an area or point in the feet, and has general and/or partial effect all over the body by reflexes corresponding to the spine and the spine nerves. 

Investigations and medical studies of neuro-anatomy in the last ten years have favored the renewal, development and improvement of Foot Reflexology. These investigations have confirmed the effectiveness of the stimulation of reflex areas and points as an auxiliary therapy of the medicine. It is a very effective treatment for all kind of pains and dysfunctions.  

The spine is the central axis of our life, is what uphold our universe. The physical posture reflects our attitude to life. Therefore, as we keep on going through difficult or conflictive situations, these turn heavy and our spine carries them.  

Neuro Foot Praxis Vertebralis 16 CE hours Diploma Course  

Course Content  

Module 1  

  • Posturology, observations of the body posture. 
  • The influence of the postural problems on the physical and emotional function. 
  • The central nervous system.  
  • The dermatome maps.  
  • The map of neurological zones and points of

the foot, corresponding to the spine and spine nerves. 

  • Analysing method.
  • Correction of postural problems through feet.  
  • Treatment method of the physical spinal line.  
  • The “emotional” map corresponding to the spine.  
  • Treatment of the emotional spinal line.
  • Practice.  
  • Test.
  • Exam 

Lone Sorensen

Lone Sorensen Founder and Director of the International Face, Foot and Hand Reflex Therapy School

"One of my aims,- by offering my international school as ONLINE program is to help much more women around the world with a “Green” education and to help millions of children around the world suffering of autism or other brain issuers - numbers increasing every day all over the world, also with a “Green” and healthy solution.  

All this with a natural tool – just by using our hands. Every mother and father in the world can learn to help their children. Even those who cannot read!"  

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In certain areas of the back, there are more usual pathologies: 

Lumbagos: these have relation with the conflict of auto-exigency and not feeling self-confident to face life issues, especially material and work matters.  

Sciatic: not comfortable with the path of our life, feeling inferior, fear or problems to progress.  

Middle back pain: it takes the load of life (people, couple or family situations, feelings, love issues, and give and receiving).  

Cervical: the neck connects the head (thoughts) with the rest of the body and life, the tensions in this area indicate the disconnection mind/body, the mental wheels of thoughts that keep on rolling and weigh, the stiff neck that won’t let us see to one side or the other.  

Scoliosis: we are adopting or going through twisted paths.  

Rigid spine: rigidness in the way of living.  

Slipped disc: not feeling support in life, and its loss turns to rigidness.  

This is just a brief resume of the effects of the emotional states and their meanings, which we can adjust depending on the affected vertebra.  

In cases of external emotional causes, the treatment is combined with the technique of facial reflexology, very easy exercises and correct posture learning. 

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