Neuro Magnetic Pen Course Included the Neuro Magnetic Pen 

Professional course: Analysis and treatments with the Neuro Magnetic Pen for the face, hand, foot Neuro Reflexology, ear, and body.

The course is 10 hours divided into 4 modules of 2.30 hours each and contains the following:

  • Musculoskeletal system, incl. dermatome theory.
  • Hormone and immune system.
  • Vital organs and the organs of the sense
  • Trauma and emotional issues.

For course incl. The Neuro Magnetic Pen

Normal Price USD 510

NOW USD 390.00

Incl. free shipping of the Pen

ONLY the Neuro Magnetic Pen Course

Normal price USD 290

NOW USD 190.00



course content

  • Instant Access
  • 10 hours of education
  • Free access to the personal member's area and access to replays and materials for a lifetime
  • Download 200 pages of colourful, updated teaching material
  • Personal support Lone Sorensen
  • Tests and exam cases

Bio-Magnet therapy NeuroPoint Magnetic Pen

Chinese culture

Bio-Magnetic Therapy has been used in China, at least 2000 years back in time. The Chinese culture used small pieces of magnet to put on the body.


Since the 1950s, several Japanese studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy in the treatment of various conditions.


Dr. Isaac Gioz Duran, a physician in medicine and surgery from the University of Mexico in 1988, has also researched biomagnetic therapy.

Scientific research

Today, Magnetic Therapy is built on scientific research into the positive impact of magnetic fields on the body's functions.


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